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Wireless Vibrator FAQ's

What materials is it made out of?

It is made out of medical safe Silicone with a soft texture and skin-friendly. It will slide in like butter, trust us on this.

Does it have modes?

Yes, it comes with 8 modes for you to enjoy.

What colors do you have available?

We currently have it in Pink and clear blue. We will soon launch a green color as well. We will let you know via email.

How long does it take to charge?

It comes with a USB charger, and it takes 3 hours the first time. After that, you only need to leave it charging for 1 hour and it will be ready to go.

How do I connect it to my phone?

  1. Download the app called "Monster Pub"
  2. Create an account in "Monster Pub"
  3. Make sure your vibrator is charged
  4. Go into your phone settings > bluetooth > Find the vibrator name in the bluetooth section and connect to it.
  5. Get into the app and start using it

If for some reason asks you for a pin code, delete the app and download again. If problem still persists, go into bluetooth, first make sure you are not connected to any other device on bluetooth, and try connecting again.